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How to reduce the amount of requests generated by Bubble

Ab Advany
Written by Ab AdvanyLast update 16 days ago

CoAlias sits between Bubble and the internet. That means all requests like opening webpages, database searching and crawling passes thru our servers to make it work. To reduce requests CoAlias already rewrites many urls like css and js files for you automatically. There are a couple of ways to reduce requests. Let me explain two:

Real time requests

Bubble makes 2 requests every couple of minutes to check if a user is still logged in and to check if there is new data. These requests are called real time requests. To reduce this you can enable a option that will stop real time requests if the user is inactive:

  1. Go to your domain page

  2. Under simple configuration

  3. Click 'show more configuration options'

  4. Enter a value for 'Reduce real time requests' (60 seconds recommended)

  5. Press save

Direct requests

CoAlias also has a way to forward requests without processing them to your app domain. You can configure these requests from processing by CoAlias and instead forward them directly to your app. Notice that this can prevent your app from working if you add path's that need to be processed by CoAlias to work.

  1. Go to settings in the top bar

  2. Click on modify on the Direct section.

  3. Using the plus button add the following (test if your app works as expected after this):

    • /elasticsearch/bulk_watch

    • /user/hi

    • /bug/client_log

  4. Click change

You can add more path's if you like based on your usage page. By sending requests directly to your app, bubble might not process the requests correctly and block them.

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