Add metatags to your custom domain

Tutorial on customizing metatags

Ab Advany
Written by Ab AdvanyLast update 3 months ago

There are two ways to customize the metatags for your custom domain. You can use the domain configuration:

By filling in the Favicon, Title, Description and Image fields you can customize how the custom domain is previews in search and socials.

If you like more control, you can add advanced rules and then select Metatags. You can then fill in the fields:

- Source is on what pages you would like to use the metatags. A source * will preview it on all pages, while /test will only preview it on the test page.
- Site name, site title and site description are use to customize the metatags for name, title and description.
- Seo title and seo description are used to customize the og metatags
- Site image is used to customize the preview and the favicon is used to customize the favicon

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