Proxies allow you to host other websites on a subfolder of your custom domain. For example, you can use a proxy to host a WordPress blog on a subfolder of your custom domain, such as This allows users to access your WordPress blog without seeing the actual domain of the WordPress installation.

To add a proxy on CoAlias, you will need to specify the subfolder on which you want to host the proxy. This can be done using the following syntax: blog/ The * wildcard will allow all subrequests, such as, to be routed to the proxy.

In the full URL field, you will need to specify the target location of the proxy. This can be the URL of the website you want to host on the subfolder, such as or

Setting the from URL to* is not recommended. This will forward all traffic to your proxy rule and your Bubble site won't be accessible anymore.

Please note that proxies are currently an experimental feature on CoAlias, and may not work with all types of websites. Static websites, such as WordPress, Ghost, or any other site, should work well with proxies. Dynamic websites may not always work with proxies.

We are constantly working to improve the proxy feature on CoAlias, so please check back for updates and improvements in the future. If you have any questions or need further assistance with proxies on CoAlias, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.