To make your domain work, you need to point it at IP address This process will vary depending on where you registered your domain and who your DNS provider is.

Here are the general steps for pointing a domain or subdomain to an IP address:

  1. Login to the account where you registered your domain.
  2. Go to the DNS settings for your domain. This is usually located in the "Advanced Settings" or "DNS Management" section of your account.
  3. Point at ip
    • If you are pointing a subdomain (e.g., create a new A record for your subdomain. Enter the name of your subdomain in the "Name" or "Hostname" field (e.g. client).
    •  If you are pointing an apex domain (e.g., create a new "@" or "root" record.
  4. Enter the IP address in the "IP Address" or "Value" field.

Save your changes.

It may take some time for the changes to take effect, as DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to propagate. You can check it on if your DNS has been propagated.