Coalias is a service that allows users to easily add custom domains to their apps. It uses both server and client-side proxies to fetch the original content and serve it to the visitor. This allows Coalias to:

  • Work on all browsers
  • Maintain SEO for the app
  • Url bar is changed when navigating

Some of the main benefits of using Coalias are the ability to add:

  • Custom routes to your domain like when someone visits it should load page /client
  • Redirects to create things like a URL shortener
  • Static file hosting to create an html page for your homepage or any other page
  • Custom headers to allow things like creating apps for zoom

How do competitors of CoAlias work?

Another solution for adding custom domains to apps is to use an iframe to embed the original app. However, this has some downsides, including:

  • Preventing cookies from working on iOS/Safari and soon on Chrome
  • The URL not changing when a user navigates within the app
  • Negative impact on SEO
  • Requiring the enabling of iframes for the Bubble app
  • Not being able to change the metadata for your domain or create custom routes

In conclusion, Coalias is a powerful solution for easily adding custom domains to apps. It has none of the downsides the competitors have. Its server and client-side proxies provide a seamless experience for users, and the additional features it offers make it a versatile choice for any app.