CoAlias offers a range of plans that cater to the different needs of different developers. Each plan has a different set of features and includes a certain number of request that can be to your apps or pages.

In addition to these features and requests, each CoAlias plan also has certain limits that determine the maximum number of domains, routes, and other resources that can be used with the plan. These limits are designed to ensure that the performance of the app is not impacted by excessive use of resources.

For example, the Lite plan has a limit of 10 domains, 10 routes, and 10 meta-rules. This means that a developer using the Lite plan can add a maximum of 10 domains to their app, and each domain can have a route and meta-rule. If a developer needs more domains, routes, or static files, they can upgrade to a higher-tier plan that includes higher limits.

Overall, the limits on each CoAlias plan are an important factor to consider when choosing the right plan for your needs. It is important to carefully evaluate your usage requirements and choose a plan that provides the right balance of features, requests, and limits for your specific needs. By doing so, you can ensure that your bubble app is able to perform well and provide a great user experience.